5 Great Survival Blogs for when SHTF

Don’t ever say you weren’t warned.

I’m sure by now you’ve met someone “crazy” who talked about things you don’t see on the evening news.

There are now tens (if not hundreds) of millions of these “nutcases” around the world.

And they’re not wrong.

They aren’t always right on specifics, let’s be honest, but the macro view is accurate.

Everything is destabilised and while that can be scary, it can also be an opportunity for positive change.

The first step, though, is to make sure you’re secure and ready, then you can help others.

So, below are 5 Great Survival Blogs (for when SHTF).


Maybe we’re jumping in to the deep end with this one, but I really think it’s worthwhile to go hard on the contrarian viewpoint and then you can look to dial it back.

SHTF Plan is a great resource for anyone looking to have the scales fall from their eyes.

Consider this recent report on supply chain shortages in the medical industry.

Does it really make sense for this to the case?

If you think it’s unusual, then you need to consider why it’s happening and plan accordingly.

Survival Blog

Founded by former US Army Intelligence Officer James Wesley Rawles, this is a go to resource for Survivalist news and reviews.

It’s top of Google searches for a reason and it’s a free website, which is really something given the value they offer.

My personal favorite articles are their Recipe of the Week entries (as I’m trying to become a better cook).

If SHTF Plan intimidates, then this is a perfect place to start and comes highly recommended.

Modern Survival Blog

Practical insights and instruction to set yourself up for survival. That’s all that matters, really.

Modern Survival Blog is great because you can walk through an article, step by step, and come out the other end with a workable solution.

Their recent article advising How to Store Survival Spices is great because it’s straight forward.

Some writers waffle on and that makes reading their survival blogs a chore.

The Prepper Journal

Of all the survival blogs out there, I think The Prepper Journal has the most even keeled approach.

Yes, there are some really bad things going on and it suggests that a bad future is upcoming.

But we could all be wrong.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s best to look at Emergency Long Life Food as an insurance policy rather than an end-of-the-world resource.

Their recent article on the Banking System potentially collapsing is a great example of this sensibility.

Survival Life

Survival Life sits last, but by no means least, on our list of great survival blogs.

The most important facet of any prepper, in my opinion, is their knowledge.

You can be without resources and be fine, if you know how to accrue them.

So, the Do It Yourself part of their blog is my absolutely favorite!

Recently, I’ve been looking in to Colloidal Silver and the article on making your own is great!

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God bless!

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