About Us

Why Go West?

Our Christian roots. The Apostle Paul was headed east to preach the Gospel when God intervened and told him to go west. The birth of the European church was built around this simple command.

Western civilisation is exceptional. It is experiencing a very challenging time, but ultimately it will prevail. This is a business which celebrates Western civilisation’s past and builds its future.

American exceptionalism is centred around the trailblazers ethos. Renegades travelled West to seek out opportunities. Go West is built around the same belief.

Who is BowTiedSaint?

The need for anonymity has become critical in our divisive world. This is all the more true when one is proud of Western civilisation and seeks to support it.

So, I use the moniker BowtiedSaint. I’m a born-again Christian, a loving husband and father, and I’m eager to help build an eco-system within which all who share these values can thrive.

One way I seek to do this is by re-investing 10% of our revenues into causes which help advance Western civilisation. This may be through the arts, through education or through the spreading of Christianity.

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