Best Camping Gear on a Budget

Summer time is perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying the holidays.

I love camping with my family as we can escape the tech obsessed modern world and enjoy quality time together in a simple way.

We’re living through an unprecedented time though and so I’m mindful of what makes the best camping gear on a budget.

First and foremost you need an affordable tent.

I recommend the 8 Person Easy Sleep Tent as it’s large enough to give a smaller family ample space all under the one roof. At $89.99 it is very affordable and extremely simple to setup.

Secondly, you need equipment to ensure an easy camp lifestyle.

There are several essential pieces I’ve outlined below, all of which won’t break the bank.

And last but not least, you need to think about something easy to cook over a campfire.

I love the Crest Peak Creamy Chicken and Pasta and definitely recommend it here.

You can get an easy to store six pack for $49.99 and can use a packet over multiple meals.

Finally, you’ll want to have some fun outdoor games to enjoy.

Definitely take the time to go fishing or a long, leisurely nature walk and gets “Nature-Thoughts” (the best kind)

But for when you want to hang around the tent then I highly recommend you check out the Kubb Game Set.

It’s excellent fun and a perfect game for any family.

All up, that’s my recommendation for the best camping gear on a budget.

Keep it simple and enjoy a weekend away.

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