Best Long Life Emergency Food for 2022

A potash shortage is very significant and is coming thanks to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Belarus, Russia and China are three of the top exporters of potash, which is essential for fertilizer, which is essential for our farmers to produce crops.

You can expect to see a much larger grocery bill throughout 2022 thanks to inflation (2021 money printing) and resource shortages.

What can you do to prepare for this? It’s simple. You need to purchase long life emergency food.

This is the bare minimum every one of you can do to ensure you and your family are safe.

If prices go up, then the ability to produce crops will go down. Some farmers just won’t be able to afford it.

This will further restrict the supply of goods, which will result in higher prices, and more shortages.

The best stock available in our opinion is ReadyWise, which is exactly why we sell it at Go West.

The ideal purchase is the 1080 Serving Long Term Emergency Food.

A family of four can get 32 days of food from this one purchase, which is the minimum you’d want in a SHTF scenario.

It lasts 25 years so even if the worse doesn’t come this year, then you can rest assured you’re secure for some time.

On top of this, you should invest in the following:

My family and I are secure and I hope that yours will be too.

So I keep pounding this drum in the hopes more people will wake up.

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