Best Long Life Emergency Food For Me

Today’s blog post is in a similar vein to the previous one on choosing the best tent for your needs.

There’s a lot of chaos in the world right now.

You have supply chains falling apart.

You have double digit inflation (please don’t believe the “official” numbers as they exclude products essential to your well being).

You have talks of war and constant military posturing (though that’s nothing new).

In light of all of this, it can really seem like liberal democracies are on a collision course with an epoch that will change how we live.

We should be proactive and prepare for the worst possible outcome – whilst hoping, and praying, for a more peaceful resolution to serious events.

I’d recommend that every family invest in several Go Bags like the Ultimate Survival Backpack.

This would be the minimum that we should all aim to have.

But I don’t think you should stop there.

So here are the four stages of Long Life Emergency Food which you should seriously consider.

1080 Serving Long Term Emergency Food

This is a great first step investment in personal food security.

1080 servings provides you with 360 days of food, assuming three meals a day and one serving per meal.

If you’re single, then this would be a reasonable amount of emergency food to invest in as you can get yourself twelve months of supplies.

You’d also only need to store nine buckets, which can be stacked on each other, to help minimise space.

It all comes with a 25 year shelf life, so you can rest easy knowing you have supplies.

1440 Serving Long Term Emergency Food

This is a move up and a must have for the married couples out there.

You don’t want to be fighting during the end of the world – believe that!

1440 servings provides 480 days of food, or eight months of supplies per person, again assuming three meals of one serving per day.

You can easily store the twelve buckets which contain your emergency rations by stacking them atop each other.

2160 Serving Long Term Emergency Food

At 18 buckets in total, we’re now entering a more intense part of the prepping world.

This would be ideal for a married couple who want to be especially secure, or a small family.

2160 servings provides you with 720 days of supplies. Divide it three-ways, for instance, to include a child and you have eight months of support.

Personally, I would recommend that everyone start with 2160 servings. Yes, it is an expensive purchase.

But the 25 year shelf life means that this is a one time investment for most.

4320 Serving Long Term Emergency Food

36 buckets. This could provide nine and half months of supplies, per person, for a family of five.

It’s a significant investment in your security. The kind of move that usually attracts ridicule.

But, Noah was “crazy” until it started to rain.

So, we don’t recommend this lightly but we do believe it is a wise choice.

If you’ve seen threadbare grocery stores recently then you understand how precarious things can be.

As a special incentive, we’re offering a coupon on the 4320 only which gets you 10% off.

This is an $899 saving, and is our way of encouraging a beneficial purchase for the whole family.

Enter GO43 at the checkout to receive the discount.

In summary, if you’re at the start of your journey, then we recommend the Ultimate Survival Backpack.

If you’ve started prepping, then we suggest you look at an investment into Long Term Emergency Food.

God bless and be safe!

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