Bolshevik Takeover of Canada

Last year I wrote on the Go West blog a post called Build in spite of persecution.

In it, I outline ways you can protect yourself and your family, most notably at the time from vaccine mandates.

Since then, we’ve witnessed the incredible simplicity, and effectiveness, of the trucker convoy protest in Canada.

They honked their way onto domestic terror lists because good faith does not exist in Western liberal “democracy”.

Trudeau could have listened to his constituents and moderated his policies, but Communism has consumed Canada.

You either accept this or you challenge it. But if you challenge Communism then you must be ready to suffer.

So prepare in advance, like a chess player being several moves ahead, so that you are strong under fire.

The first and most important step is to exit the fiat system.

Yes, crypto does still require ramps back on to this system.

But they can’t “freeze” your crypto wallet and you can move digital currencies onto once off debit cards for use IRL.

You can invest your crypto into DeFi (see BowTied DeFi substack for education) to increase your wealth.

And, though it is still developing, you can spend crypto directly within the parallel economy (thanks Gab!)

At Go West, we offer Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments at checkout through Blockonomics.

This ensures you can receive all our outdoor and survival gear without any involvement with the fiat system.

If we don’t get this first step right then we’ll always be fighting from a reactive and weak position.

After this, I’d recommend ensuring you have survival provisions and a loyal community to support you.

I don’t personally believe that we are in the final stages of the End of Days.

I believe we are still very much able to navigate these troubled times with a revolution.

Just don’t be surprised when the far-left hit you with far-right slurs.

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