A bit about BowTiedSaint

I walk a fine line as BowTiedSaint here at Go West.

On the one hand, I do firmly believe in the value of anonymity and on the other, I know that this can make some feel a little uncomfortable working with us.

After all, we like doing business with people face-to-face because it allows us to evaluate someone and cultivate trust.

The internet has certainly changed everything though, and the very obvious persecution of Christians and patriots is such that you don’t want to stick your neck too far out – unless you’re ready for a fight.

So, I wanted to put together a (hopefully dox free) post to give more insight in to who I am.

My hope is that this will make you feel a little more reassured about the man behind the screen.

To begin, this isn’t the first business I’ve ever started and run. It’s actually my third.

The first was a videography company and was one which I enjoyed and excelled at.

The trouble was that the hours were quite intense and I needed to scale back when I became a father.

It was disappointing, but not a particularly bad situation as it gave me more time with family.

My second business was a joint venture with my wife. It was a success and a failure all at the same time.

We had loyal customers who loved our products and frequently purchased repeat orders.

They gave us glowing reviews and even wrote testimonials for us without receiving anything in return.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t appeal to enough customers to build a viable business.

So, slowly and painfully, we reached the end of our financial runway and had to throw in the towel.

That was quite a miserable failure and one which still frustrates me today.

Fortunately, a lot of lessons were learnt and now with Go West, I can try to remedy the mistakes and build a lasting and life giving enterprise.

Most “success” stories ignore the hurdles someone faced and so I do think it’s important to acknowledge these.

Another facet of my life is that I’m a born again Christian. I have a very devout faith and joy-filled relationship with Jesus Christ.

Perhaps I should have put this section first! (I won’t edit it now so as to be genuine).

I was raised in a nominal Christian home, though most days it seemed like everyone worshipped satan!

After I grew up, I had a radical conversion (one I’d equate to Francis of Assisi) and became white hot for Jesus.

Unfortunately, I found myself following “gurus” rather than the Holy Spirit and this led me astray.

It was the sixth year of my Christian walk when I decided to only listen to the Holy Spirit (inspired by the Apostle Paul’s testimony in Galatians chapter 1 & 2).

This decision was extremely important as I came to learn the Gospel directly from God Himself.

In an age where devotion is synonymous with conference junkie and new Christians are quickly corralled into an Alpha or Discovering Christianity course at church, this decision was met with ridicule from many institutionally minded Christians.

I however found my relationship with God grew in leaps and bounds.

The Bible came alive as the Holy Spirit breathed on the passages I read.

The Fruits of the Spirit became far more prominent in me as I conformed my image to that of Christ’s.

This is not to say pastors, priests and prophets don’t have a place, but only that if all this was gone tomorrow, I could still walk boldly with Christ because He is the source of my knowledge and faith.

I think that’s enough information on me, though perhaps I may share more over time.

For now, I bless you all with a deep relationship with Christ and a joyous and peaceful existence.

Thank you for your support!

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