Build in spite of persecution

Vaccine mandates are evil.

Somehow, we’ve reached the point where people happily believe you should deny someone access to society over an inconsequential virus.

Given this, there will continue to be increasing pressure on those who refuse to comply with the madness.

They’ll deprive you of social capital (isolation). They’ll deprive you of literal capital (unemployment).

And if you don’t make any moves then they’ll come for your physical freedom.

This isn’t hysteria. The intention has been spelt out for anyone to see.

I have a day job alongside running Go West, and I can see the walls are closing in.

Now I know I’m not alone.

So it’s really important that you get building.

Learn about crypto, so you can become your own bank.

Create an online business, so you can move locations and retain income.

Stock up on long life food, just in case you get cut out of the grocery store.

In my opinion, the book Sovereign Individual is a great read to give you the understanding to handle this new world (that’s not an affiliate link fyi).

So get building, support one another and don’t forget to stay positive in spite of the chaos.

We win in the end, but we must all work hard.

God bless and stay safe!

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