Gab Ads Update

Gab Ads is a game changer for conservatives looking to build a genuinely free eco-system.

We have all the expertise we need to create an economy, but have lacked a skeleton to hold it together.

The work of Andrew Torba and the entire Gab team is helping repair this serious failing.

So, it was a very exciting day when we were approved to advertise on Gab.

To frame the success thus far, it’s important to understand a few metrics.

CTR = Click through rate is the ratio of clicks to impressions (views) from your ad. The average CTR for a display ad is 0.52%.

CPC = Cost per click is the cost per visitor to your site (from the click on the ad). The average CPC for a display ad is $0.36.

Now, bear in mind that my Gab Ads have only been running for five days, but below is its performance.

CTR = 1.15%

CPC = $0.26

These are excellent and great proof that Gab is a place for like-minded people to support one other.

We still need to provide high quality products and good customer service, but I do think that people like knowing they aren’t buying from the woke!

It also helps to know that by supporting one another, we build up a hedge against this evil.

Every dollar corporations lose, is a dollar they can’t spend on CRT policies or debased advertising.

I’ll keep posting updates as I’d like to stay transparent with visitors, but for now – God bless!

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