Go West 2021 Update

This has been a great three months at Go West.

We’re so early in our journey yet have seen a wonderful response thanks to good people on Gab.

Normal, God-fearing people use Gab and you’ve been a delight to work with.

This roadmap post will be a two-part blog as it’s quite in-depth. We wish to be as transparent as possible and in doing so hope to encourage others to build the parallel economy.

Firstly, we have a plan to donate 10% of our revenues to causes we believe help western civilization.

As of December 1st, our revenues have hit $6,000 USTT (US trash token, for those who don’t read BowTiedBull).

We are extremely grateful for your support and this growth and from this, we’ve donated $600 towards TheSLG.

Becoming filthy rich sounds lovely, but I couldn’t live with myself if it was at the expense of others.

The grand vision for Go West would see us achieving 2,000 orders a month, re-investing our revenues into worthy causes and then doubling up with “angel” investments into businesses which share our values.

If all ships continue to rise and support others in turn (think Pay it Forward) then the result is a strong Christian/Western eco-system. That is the goal which motivates us at Go West.

Thank you for your support and I do pray that God will bless you in all your righteous endeavors.

In part two we’re going to outline our 2022 roadmap and give insights into what we’re working on.

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