Go West 2022 Roadmap

Our previous post outlined our Go West’s successful 2021.

For this post, I’m going to provide a vision for 2022.

Each section will list what we aim to achieve in that quarter.

Q1 2022

Affiliate Marketing

We need more eyeballs on Go West products and an affiliate/advertorial marketing push is a key part of this.

The articles written about Go West may also help others understand why they need long life emergency food.

I believe it’s a win-win as if even one person can stave off hunger during an emergency, then we’ve done a world of good.

One partner we’re keen to work with is Woke Reports. Another will be the Survival Blog.

Increase Product Range

Amazon is Amazon but it was once just a website selling books.

Our goal is like this as we seek to become the go to place for outdoor and survival products.

A big vision and a steady hand will see us there over time.

One facet of this will be releasing our own Go West branded products (see Q2).

Video. Video. Video.

This is going to be expressed in two ways.

Firstly, video marketing which we’ll begin to run on GabTV once available.

Now fear based marketing is more effective, scientifically speaking, than marketing using pleasure.

But this is a distressing concept which bothers us to no end.

Yes, we can use fear to sell more products (and have as you can see here)

Yet Jesus said ‘do not be afraid,’ and ‘worry not,’ because this is truly a sickening sensation.

So we’ll be aiming for a soberly optimistic view as we frame buying these products as a wise decision, rather than one you-must-do-now-before-the-end-of-the-world!

Secondly, we’ll release videos outlining how to setup our Coleman Tents or create a meal with Readywise products.

Our belief is that these videos will help answer questions customers may have, but which they don’t share with us.

We know how busy everyone is and want to make the experience online as smooth as possible.

Q2 2022

Go West branded products

This is a very exciting development for us.

We currently sell fantastic products from other American, and Western, brands.

But this journey inevitably requires us to make a move into our own branded products.

The plan is to start with long life emergency food.

If this is successful, then we’ll expand in to tents and fishing rods.

Our focus will remain on the three core products at Go West, at least for the next year.

This move will help ensure higher quality and a true Made in America status.

Q3 2022

Worldwide Marketing.

This will require us to work with the evil empire. It is inevitable if we are to continue growing beyond the US.

We’ll still be investing much of our time and attention through Gab, but we do need to look elsewhere for international customers since Gab Ads doesn’t yet focus on that.

Ultimately, my belief is that this could be the equivalent of missionary work (is that pompous?) insofar as we find and encourage people to visit Gab or embrace a Christian, Pro-West worldview.

Q4 2022

Metaverse game with in-built coupon codes.

There’s been a lot of strong opinions on Gab since Cuckerberg rebranded Facebook to Meta.

Overall, I agree that it’s quite a dystopian concept – however I do think that’s only because we’ve seen the metaverse vision through a globalist worldview.

Patriots made the mistake of removing themselves from Hollywood and we reaped bad fruit in our culture for it.

So, I do think that trying to avoid new technologies is foolishness.

We should be influencing how these technologies are used for God and the betterment of man.

As such, I’m looking to create my own Metaverse game on The Sandbox, both as a bit of fun, a hobby during my downtime and as an opportunity to gamify your Go West experience.

In version one, you can play the Go West game purely for pleasure and in the process receive discounts as rewards.

This serves as an early expression of Play-to-Earn which you’ll see becomes very common in the gaming world.

The financial incentive might not be much, but maybe you’ll just like the game!

We live in a dynamic time in world history, so any roadmap like this is subject to change.

My hope is that I could do everything listed here in the first quarter and bring my other plans forward!

But patience is a virtue and I’m going to keep my expectations in check. 😊

So God bless and thank you for supporting Go West.

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