Great Christmas Presents for 2022

We’re now, astonishingly, on the verge of Christmas once more.

Hopefully you’re not despairing another year running away from you!

Given the season, today’s post is on great Christmas presents you can get your family from Go West!

(They’re also all very affordable because momma didn’t raise no fool).


A very fun lawn game inspired by Swedish culture (once played with real bones! Now with eco-friendly wood) which makes for a great gift at Christmas time.

I own a set myself and often play with my sons. We’re all very competitive so naturally the games last hours as we seek to one up each other – sorry, not sorry.

Kubb has been a consistent bestseller of ours so if you’re interested then I highly recommend ordering now to ensure there are no delays.

Aluminium Slingshot Kit

I had a great childhood and sometimes I think it was the last free childhood available in the West.

Running around a park with a slingshot and BB guns were a real delight, and no one lost an eye either!

So how could I not recommend checking out our Slingshot Kit?

10 Function Survival Flashlight

Now I must admit up front. Perhaps my family just humor me.

But for now, let’s assume they’re 100% honest and excited whenever I give them survival-related gifts! A great entry level gift would be the Survival Flashlight!

Everyone I know loves the thought of being a rugged survivalist (at least in theory) and this flashlight is a wonderful way to stimulate their imagination.

So there you go. Three great Christmas presents from Go West.

If you’d like to see more then check out our complete range of outdoor and survival goods.

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