Importance of Anonymity

It’s been another busy week for us at Go West as we prepare an ad campaign for late September.

I’ve received some great feedback on our range of camping gear and a question from a designer who we may use for our advertising.

They wanted to know more about why we choose to be anonymous.

It’s quite simple, really. We don’t want to be needlessly attacked for our beliefs.

We’re a pro-west brand with strong conservative values.

This would make us persona non grata in just about every company on Earth, except for Gab.

The other factor is that anonymity provides freedom. You can say what you’re thinking without fear.

Ultimately, everyone will need to stand strong under pressure in this life but we must also be shrewd in the face of persecution.

We were inspired to do this by the BowTiedBull, an anonymous group of ex Wall Street bankers, who tech on life, ecommerce and crypto.

We trusted them in spite of their anonymous nature, and our hope is that our customers will be able to do the same.

So, if you need outdoor or survival gear, then check us out. If all else fails then we offer a 100% money back guarantee – just in case! 🙂

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