The Joy of Supporting Christians

Earlier this week, I spoke with a new customer who was very excited to buy from us.

They wanted to support a Christian owned business after finding us through our Gab Ads.

I worked with them through the purchase and at the end we both said ‘God bless’.

It was a very wholesome experience and saying ‘God bless’ was far better than ‘have a good day’.

Of course, manners are important in polite society, but the added spiritual element was very satisfying.

So, this is a quick blog simply about the joy of working with those who share your values.

Life is short and being forced to engage with disingenuous and rude people is very taxing.

But if Christians continue to demand a parallel society in which we love and support one another, then we can escape these emotional ‘vampires’ who drain us so much.

Everyone has a bad day, and Christians are no exception, but genuine followers of Christ are also well aware of their conscience and are often quick to apologize.

So, I’m quite confident that a Christ-focused nation would also be one full of peace and goodwill.

God Bless!

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