Lessons for our Leaders

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The current state of the world can sometimes make me lose hope.

It’s incredibly hard not to look around and want to take the black pill.

But, I’m reassured most certainly by my faith in Christ, and also that we are in the Information Age.

Ignorance has resulted in humanity making costly errors time and time again.

As they say, history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

Now thanks to the internet we can look at examples which mirror our time and find solutions.

So, below I’ve put together three examples which are relevant for religious, business and political leaders.


Firstly, I think our current state reflects Rehoboam’s reign over the Kingdom of Israel (2 Chronicles 10)

The people were full of discontent at the harsh treatment from Solomon.

The blessing of God had been removed from the nation due to sin and wise leadership was needed.

Rehoboam chose to be a harsh leader, rather than one who ingratiates himself with the people.

He chose to ignore the cries of the people and use force to coerce them to do his will.

The end result was secession.

America is on that trajectory right now. If our leaders refuse to heed our cry then Divorce is inevitable.

Some might relish the opportunity, but Israel was never the same after that and I fear the same will be true of America.

The answer to this problem is there in Scripture, though, and that gives me hope.

Every religious leader in this country should be heeding the Word and passionately speaking with influential people at a local, state and federal level.

This secession can be avoided and it can benefit all people, if we choose wisely.


There is a growing and very righteous discontent levelled at business leaders which must be addressed.

There is approximately a 278x difference between CEO pay and the average worker.

A backlash is inevitable and it will be disastrous for our economy and the lives of many.

A solution already exists thanks to the work of Dan Price at Gravity Payments.

Dan increased the minimum salary for his employees to $70,000.00.

This resulted in his business tripling their revenue, his employee turnover was cut in half and it allowed his employees to pay down debt, buy a home and start a family.

Everyone benefitted and the rest of the business world now has a blueprint which they can implement.

This gives me hope.


I have a further message I’d like to add for politicians, though all the above points matter to you.

Huey Long was governor of Louisiana who created the Share our Wealth policy.

I’ve copied it below in its entirety for you to read.

  • Cap personal fortunes at $50 million each — equivalent to about $600 million today (later reduced to $5 – $8 million, or $60 – $96 million today)
  • Limit annual income to one million dollars each (about $12 million today)
  • Limit inheritances to five million dollars each (about $60 million today)
  • Guarantee every family an annual income of $2,000 (or one-third the national average)
  • Free college education and vocational training
  • Old-age pensions for all persons over 60
  • Veterans benefits and healthcare
  • A 30 hour work week
  • A four week vacation for every worker
  • Greater regulation of commodity production to stabilize prices

This plan can work. It can ensure all parties win.

We can live in a world where capitalism continues while the needs of the people are met.

We don’t need to adopt communism to supposedly help the disenfranchised.

Perhaps that’s why Huey was assassinated…

But it’s not too late.

America First leaders, populists like Huey, could pick up these policies and have a blueprint to implement.

If all else fails, this may be the way after the Divorce.

Because if that does happen, if no one learns from history, then we must at least ensure that the new nation(s) which arise are smarter.

I’d love to hear thoughts in the comments. If you liked this type of post then I may write some more. 🙂

God bless and stay safe!

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