Man Made Famine

Everything is falling apart on purpose. There is an overt war being waged against you, especially if you’re White. This is not an accident and what happens next shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The same playbook as from the Russian “Revolution” (see Extermination) is happening once more against all European peoples. Every other race and nation will be impacted, but the brunt of the force is directed at White European people.

Acknowledging this truth is the first step. People are trying to hurt you. You are not a conspiracy theorist or paranoid or “weird”.

The gameplan is to starve humanity and deprive us of all first world resources. The people in charge, the same as in Russia during the Bolshevik takeover (Google Trotsky’s ethnicity), hate us and consider us animals.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Even Q, that great psyop, was first used during the Russian Extermination.

Trust the plan. Trust it all the way to the gulag.

This is reality and it’s not pleasant, but you must acknowledge that it’s real.

The next step is figuring out how to protect your loved ones.

You can’t help the world until you’ve helped yourself. It may seem noble to give up part of your paycheck as a tithe, but if that means you’re languishing under credit card debt or incapable of preparing for a Dark Winter, then you have miscalculated.

In my opinion, the BowTied community have provided all the resources one needs in relevant fields to ensure you can survive and thrive.

I don’t get anything from this recommendation nor am I a particularly active member. It’s just obvious to me that they’re providing great resources on wealth, health and so on, so I state it as such.

Once you’ve set yourself up, then you need to look at the wider world. Start local and build out. Strong families and strong communities are essential to survival.

Preparing for this now will be a key difference between how we handle the upcoming famine versus our Russian brothers and sisters in the 20th century.

During the Extermination, the peasants were forced to give up their land and food and this resulted in millions of deaths and even cannibalism.

You will see some equivalent of this in the coming years, most likely with a modern twist that still achieves the same result e.g. high unemployment and empty grocery store shelves.

A strong community will have the means to resist this and preserve life.

I’m preparing for it in a variety of ways, one of which is the storage of 25 year long life food. I have supplies in place at multiple locations, some even hidden.

Sounds crazy, right?

But it was crazy to distrust the covid vaccine and look how that’s playing out.

So it’s best to hedge your bets and do all you can to make this planet a better place.

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