Prepare Now!

The situation around the world is very dire.

Food scarcity, petrol scarcity, inflation. It’s no wonder riots have broken out in Sri Lanka.

And these acts are completely justified too.

This chaos is going to consume the global south and then move north. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

It is entirely avoidable and is in fact a controlled demolition of the world system.

That sentence alone should put some productive fear into your bones.

No one is going to save us except Jesus and foresight.

Prepare now by building a community who will support each other during a crisis.

Stock up on our long life emergency food and non-perishables from your grocery store.

Procure weapons for self-defence and ensure you train with them consistently.

Develop multiple income streams which are not restricted to one location, as this allows for mobility.

Extricate yourself from the current, dying financial system with cryptocurrencies.

It’s a question of probabilities.

Will doing these things increase or decrease the probability that you survive and even prosper?

If you believe it improves your odds then there should be no delay or hesitation.

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