Preparing for Christmas

We’re in the final two months of the year and all eyes are set on Thanksgiving and Christmas now.

Unfortunately, the world is experiencing a supply chain crunch which has impacted every industry.

So, this is to encourage all readers to plan ahead so your friends and family don’t miss out on presents.

Below is information sourced from the recent BowTiedBull substack on delivery timeframes.

USPS – December 15: Last date to send packages using the retail ground service. December 17: Deadline to send packages via First-Class Mail. December 20: Deadline to send for Priority Mail, and by December 23 for Priority Mail Express.

FedEx – December 15: Deadline to send packages via FedEx Home Delivery or FedEx Ground. December 21: Last date to send packages via FedEx Express Saver or 3 Day Freight. December 22: Last date to send packages via FedEX 2Day A.M., 2 Day Freight, or 2 Day. December 23: Deadline to send packages via 1 Day Freight, FedEx Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight, or First Overnight. December 24: Packages can be sent via Same Day domestically.

UPS – December 15: Send packages by this date for UPS Ground. December 21: Last date to ship via UPS 3 Day Select. December 22: Last date to ship via UPS 2nd Day Air. December 23: Deadline to send packages using UPS Next Day Air.

Now, as you can clearly see the majority of providers believe that they can receive a product up to late December and still deliver in time for Christmas.

This is where I’m going to pitch in with my own thoughts.

From our perspective here at Go West, the average delivery time has blown out to 10 business days.

Yes, there are absolutely products which can be picked, packed and shipped in a traditional turnaround, but enough laggards are blowing the average out.

This has proven to be especially true with USPS, who for reasons beyond my understanding are lagging UPS and FedEx by almost an entire week! (though should I really be surprised by a government agency?).

So, we’d recommend you have all your Christmas shopping done by the end of November.

This way you can have good odds your gifts and gadgets arrive on time for the silly season.

Worst case, by being proactive, you can have all your presents wrapped before Christmas Eve.

And that is a small miracle in its own right! 🙂

If you’re looking for a gift for teenage boys this Christmas, check out our Aluminium Slingshot Kit. It’s been very popular with parents lately.

God bless!

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