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Crua Outdoors, specialists in high-quality camping gear are back; with the most comfortable hammock accessory imaginable. It’s an Insulated Hammock Cocoon Outer Shell, which is built using our Patented Insulation Technology and creates a more comfortable camping / lounging experience inside your Hammock.

How does it work you might ask? Well the Crua Culla™ Hammock Wraps Around,  yet cool in the summer.

The Crua Culla™ Hammock Wrap Around does not simply just do the 1 job. It can be used as an Insulated Outer Shell for your Hammock, used as a Poncho which will keep you warm and keep the elements off your back or can also be used as an under quilt whilst out in the wilderness for your comfort.

Imagine always feeling “Just Right”. Where you’re cosy and snug, whatever the weather. With our new Crua Culla™ Hammock Wrap Around, just place it around your existing hammock and you can be guaranteed the Best Night’s Sleep in the Wild. Imagine Goldilocks. But in a kick-ass insulated hammock.

Snuggle up to the feeling of perfect temperature – always.

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