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In our previous post Who Are We, BowTiedSaint had explained that we seek to re-invest 10% of our revenue here at Go West into initiatives we believe will help Western civilization.

As we are a new business, our revenues will be small to begin with, and so we’re committing to donate a minimum of $200 each quarter to one of the following groups.

Receipts will be posted on our Gab page as proof each time this is completed. The first payment will take place in December.

We would be delighted to hear from our customers if you have a preference for where the money is invested.

The SLG: simply put, the Sapphire Leadership Group (SLG) is the best Christian ministry we’ve ever come across. They provide genuinely transformational spiritual solutions, backed by Scripture.

Atlantean Gardens: an anthropologist who has provided exhaustive research into ancient history. If you don’t like Marxism muddying up your history lessons, then this is the place for you.

HeyWildRich: a lawyer seeking to build an ADL for European peoples. In an increasingly anti-White world, these sorts of peaceful and productive initiatives are a must-have.

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