The joy of fishing

Life is pretty chaotic right now.

It seems like every second there’s some new disaster or atrocity brewing.

Given this, we recently wrote about getting away from the city and experiencing the benefits of camping.

Today, I’m writing about fishing because you’ll need something to do once your tent is pitched!

Fishing is a kind of meditation which even the gruffest of manly men can admit to.

You have to be focused on the task, whilst also at peace as you wait patiently.

There’s technique to learn and tools to acquire, but there’s also good fortune or “luck”.

You’ll experience tremendous joy at the eureka moment!

You also establish a bond with your fishing buddies, as you wordlessly connect on the same wavelength.

You become one with nature as your mind slows down and you experience the world around you.

It all sounds very woo-woo but it’s true!

Plus, if push to comes to shove and supplies chains falter, then it’ll help to know how to catch dinner.

Though let’s stay positive…

Fishing is a wonderful activity and the perfect compliment to time spent away camping.

Go West are proud to sell American made fishing supplies.

God bless!

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