The Ultimate Survival Backpack

We’ve seen a massive uptick in traffic thanks to the great people of Gab.

This group have most commonly been searching for either fishing equipment or survival supplies (not surprising given how grocery stores are looking nowadays).

So, I wanted to put together a blog post on the Ultimate Survival Backpack, as this is really a no-brainer item for every family member to have.

  • 3 days worth of food
  • First aid kit
  • Sanitizing wipes (very important)
  • Waterproof matches & a Firestarter
  • Water filtration bottle
  • All neatly enclosed in a waterproof tactical backpack

And there’s so much more with all of that.

This is the perfect, easy to store, bug out bag which comes complete with the main items you’d want to have on you in an emergency.

All the food comes with a 25 year shelf life, so you can prep now and not feel like you’re burning cash on disposable products.

Personally, I think it’s quite daunting spending $8k on long term emergency food, and I don’t blame people for flinching at the thought of becoming that kind of prepper.

Those people aren’t crazy, but it can take some time to reach their level of commitment.

This is why I so strongly believe in the Ultimate Survival Backpack.

You can get on board with prepping, which is a very wise decision like taking out insurance, without over-extending yourself.

All up, I’d say that when the MSM is admitting that there’ll be food shortages and empty shelves for Christmas, then I think you should take that as an alarm bell.

Do a little preparing now, so you don’t get caught out later.

God bless and stay safe!

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