Which Tent is Right for Me?

We’ve had a very busy two weeks here at Go West.

Our Gab campaign is continuing to be very successful and we’re grateful for everyone’s support.

A few emails which have come our way concerned the right tent for different purposes.

So, this is a blog post illustrating why you would choose one product over another.

Automatic Easy Outdoor Tent

This is a very basic tent, most suitable for pitching as a bit of shelter at the beach or on a day trip.

It can also be a great tent for kids to rest in, if you want to keep them playing in the backyard all day as it’s UV resistant.

You wouldn’t use this for any overnight stays, though, unless you want bugs in your hair!

3-4 Person Camouflage Camping Dome Tent

This is an entry level tent which you could use on a camping trip.

It’s simple to setup and easy to store and carry about with you.

You could use this with your family as it can fit up to four people, but I wouldn’t recommend it for long trips.

After the second night, there’ll probably be some complaints from a few cramped campers!

If you’re looking for a tent to take with you to a festival then this would work perfectly.

Coleman 6-Person Fast Pitch Tent w/Screen Room

If you want a genuine, solution for a long camping trip (a 1+ weeks) then you’ll need to invest some money.

The Coleman 6-Person is excellent for this situation as it can fit up to six people, allowing smaller groups to have ample space.

It comes with a screen room to give you a greater buffer from the elements and can withstand 35+ MPH winds.

The Coleman design means you can still get yourself a fast pitch tent, but the rugged frame means you’ll have a truly sturdy and reliable home away from home.

It can be quite daunting to invest real money into a tent but if you plan on camping for extended periods of time, or regular weekend trips away, then you’ll quickly get your monies worth.

If you have any questions about our range of tents then please contact bowtiedsaint@gowest.camp

God bless!

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