Why you must start camping

Yes, we sell camping supplies. Yes, we’re biased.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at the life and death decision which sits before you.

Red pill. Blue pill. (The new Matrix looks crap).

We were made to live in harmony with nature. Whether you approach this subject from an evolutionary or spiritual perspective, nature is integral to our well being.

The modern world has done just about everything possible to disconnect us from this sacred connection.

But God put us in a garden for a reason, folks and we shouldn’t ignore it.

A few facts to consider (because we all love those).

These are incredible benefits, without even factoring in the social aspect of time with your friends and family.

So, when we say that camping is a matter of life and death, we really do believe it.

Get out the city. Find a spot amongst the trees, near a river or stream, and engage with nature for a week or more.

Yes, it is a big job getting prepared for such a trip. Yes, you do need to take responsibility for your safety.

But the benefits and the memories you’ll make are worth the hassle.

Go West sell all the main camping supplies which you’d need to get started.

God bless!

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